Basics and Beauties

Last Saturday while on the quest for frozen yogurt, my sister and I each professed our shopping budget for the day. Since I’m planning a wedding and she a trip to Disneyworld our budgets were significantly less than they’d usually be. It was at that point that I declared “we’re only buying basics and beauties.” Of course she requested that I elaborate on the topic and so – I did. Read More

Make Me Look Fabulous

Why is it that some people always look like they’ve walked fresh off a runway, while we struggle to find matching earrings in the morning? You may think it’s because these individuals spend loads of money on their wardrobe, and in some cases this is true. However, true fashionistas understand that the magic lies in the shopping, maximizing and planning of their wardrobe. It’s a task that requires patience, time and commitment, but with my tips you’ll get there in no time. Read More

Lingerie and Link Ups

Who knew that there would come a day that your LBD would be your favorite nightgown? No, seriously. Lingerie is making a major shift from the bedroom to the boardroom and women from all walks of life are finding stylish ways to incorporate their unmentionables into their daily outfits. Read More

Sweater Weather

Don’t you hate when you’re in a restaurant starving and waiting for your food to be served. On top of your stomach’s embarrassing grumbling you can’t help but to notice that everyone around you has already received their meal. Your hangry instinct is to yell. But being the classy lady that you are you sit pretty and patiently sip your drink until your entrée makes its grand debut.

This is exactly how I feel about fall in the south. Read More

Pleats Please

Introducing solid textured pieces to your outfit is tried-and-true way to achieve a luxe look for less. Micro pleats inject a classic modernity into your favorite wardrobe basics. Practically transforming them into statement pieces. Try styling your pleated staples with other solid colored garments for an overall sophisticated look. Read More

Fall Lust List

If you’re an avid blog reader, then I’m sure you’re just about done with the “All the things you need to go buy to look great this fall” posts. Let me assure you this is not one of those posts.  Well, maybe. I’ve tried to offer more than a laundry list of non-related items and instead have selected pieces that can be mixed and matched beautifully to create multiple polished looks.
Read More

Fall Brights

If you’re like me then you’ve already transitioned your closet from summer staples into fall favorites. Traditionally this means swapping your bold brights for deeper hues, but before you go packing away all of your bright colored beauties hear me out. Read More

Prints Please

I haven’t fully accepted minimalistic styling as fashion law. I don’t think anyone should. I appreciate a clean monochromatic outfit every now and again, but a girl still has to have her colors, prints and patterns. This provides you the flexibility to maximize your wardrobe and create picture worthy ensembles when necessary. I mean we don’t always want to be plain. Right? Read More

Pretty Per-suede-ive

In Fall 2015 we experienced a high swing of the 70’s throwbacks including suede, fringe and bell bottoms. While the latter have since fallen off of the fashion scene, suede is still standing strong for the upcoming pumpkin spice season. The napped leather has been a fall must-have for years and is perfect for making a sophisticated transition into the cooler weather. Read More

Dream On

It’s my birthday/blogiversary and I honestly don’t know if I’m more excited that I’m turning 26 or that the blog has finally reached 1. It has been such an amazing year with you all and I look forward to what the future holds for my little space on the web. Read More