The arrival of Valentine’s Day welcomes the return of oversized bears, chocolate covered everything and those chalky sweetheart candies.

I never did care for the taste of those candies but they always remind me of the time I gave my elementary crush a box of them that had the message “U R A QT” plastered across the front. Accompanying the box of candies was the biggest card from my Barbie valentine set that read “Be Mine!” Read More

Chick Chat

My friend has been making poor decisions, but I am afraid to talk to her about it because she does not believe that her choices are negatively affecting her. How do you tell the truth to a friend who is in denial?

God blessed each of us with five senses but he also blesses us with friends for the times we don’t use them. I just made that up, but it’s true. My friends refer to me as “Big Mama Chas” because I’ll be the first to throw out some unwarranted advice, much like a concerned mother. As much as I love providing counsel, I’m guilty of hurting friends who felt that I was “judging” them because of my belittling tone of voice. Read More

All Work. No Hate.

In the spirit of brand expansion and personal growth, I had been avidly visiting sites of bloggers that I typically wouldn’t. I was nothing short of amazed by the content and quality these influencers are feeding into the universe. The level of detail, accuracy and overall completeness of these brands was admirable. Read More

Chick Chat

When is enough, enough? I have been dating a guy for 6 years and still don’t have the commitment I want. What should I do?

With 6 years under your belt I’m assuming that you’ve encountered highs, lows and everything in between with this guy. You’re likely in love and can’t see yourself with anyone else. If my assumptions are correct and your guy refuses to step up and commit his love to you; then it may be the time to reevaluate this relationship. Read More

Fur Real

It was literally freezing in Houston this past weekend and that was more than enough reason for me to pull out this fury favorite. I purchased this ferocious beast at the end of last winter, but could never find the right moment to wear it in the ever-changing weather of Houston. Read More

Girl On The Go


When I get dressed in the morning I ask myself one question. “What am I doing today?”  While the weekdays pretty much end at “work”, my weekends are jammed packed with brunches, birthdays, errands, and a dash of work. My demanding schedule calls for outfits that are flexible and transition well from casual to classy with the switch of accessories and shoes. This 2-piece velvet suit from Who What and Wear definitely fits the mold. Read More

Power Suit

Jumpsuits, backless ones to be more specific, are the new power suits. Unlike the customary 2-piece combination taken after the male inspired getup, these garments were specifically designed with the female physique in mind. They are sewn with an invisible thread that interlaces grace, sophistication, confidence and fierceness. Read More

Basics and Beauties

Last Saturday while on the quest for frozen yogurt, my sister and I each professed our shopping budget for the day. Since I’m planning a wedding and she a trip to Disneyworld our budgets were significantly less than they’d usually be. It was at that point that I declared “we’re only buying basics and beauties.” Of course she requested that I elaborate on the topic and so – I did. Read More

Make Me Look Fabulous

Why is it that some people always look like they’ve walked fresh off a runway, while we struggle to find matching earrings in the morning? You may think it’s because these individuals spend loads of money on their wardrobe, and in some cases this is true. However, true fashionistas understand that the magic lies in the shopping, maximizing and planning of their wardrobe. It’s a task that requires patience, time and commitment, but with my tips you’ll get there in no time. Read More

Lingerie and Link Ups

Who knew that there would come a day that your LBD would be your favorite nightgown? No, seriously. Lingerie is making a major shift from the bedroom to the boardroom and women from all walks of life are finding stylish ways to incorporate their unmentionables into their daily outfits. Read More