The Bold and Beautiful

The Bold and Beautiful I’m deeply infatuated with the rich green hues of fall and am equally obsessed with eyelash fringe material. H&M graciously brought both of these things together to create a masterpiece that makes any woman feel fierce.

This forest green eyelash dress is for the bold woman who isn’t afraid to be admired during brief encounters with strangers or planned engagements with friends.  It isn’t to be worn by the woman that shrinks at the stares of bystanders or runs at the sight of her crush. While it’s straight silhouette doesn’t emphasize every curve, it complements the bold nature of the woman willing to wear it proudly.

I had the most amazing time shooting in this dress with the talented Sofia Emm. I felt like I’d known her a lifetime as we spoke about love, politics, business, and personal insecurities all during our first meeting!  While she’s utilized her physics degree to perfect her gift of photography, her first love is fashion design. Sofia is a true girl boss and am I sure this won’t be the last you see of her on the blog!



If items are available online I try my best to link them!

Dress: HM

Necklace: HM

Shoes: Banana Republic

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