Leap Year

The clock couldn’t strike midnight before my timeline flooded with the annual “New Year. New Me.” declarations. Many informed us of the individuals they wouldn’t be bringing into their new year. While others unveiled the slim waist, goal-crushing beast they’d be in 2018.

I’m not hating on new year resolutions (I actually participate) but the issue is that we often stop there. We dream up the best version of ourselves, claim it as our new identity but don’t take the necessary steps toward becoming that new person. 

It’s convenient  to brag on potential.  Matter of fact it’s comforting. Last week I ran into an acquaintance who shared that she was going to start working out seven days a week, after I mentioned I had fallen off my regular fitness regime. She was trying to make me feel like she was doing a better job of adulating because she was planning to start working out more often than I was. Although I was the only one in the discussion that was actually working out. You see how that works? 

The whole New Year. New Me. mantra capitalizes on this concept. It allows people to sh** on others but doesn’t require any real follow through. It comforts your insecurities in the moment but it doesn’t get you any closer to accomplishing anything. 

A thought without action is merely a dream.This year I challenge you to take that leap and work to make your dreams a reality. Set a plan to achieve the things you bragged about doing. This is a new year, and it can also be be new you if you make a plan and make it happen.

Happy New Year and Good Luck!


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