4 Reasons They’ll Hate Your Christmas Gift

After pushing through lines, fighting off crazies and battling the Christmas commotion “You really shouldn’t have” are the last words you want to hear after someone unwraps your gift. I’ve listed four clusters you want to avoid when giving this Christmas.

Size Matters

Imagine opening a box loaded with envy worthy pieces! Now imagine yourself flipping over the tags and realizing that they’re all the wrong size. #HorrorStory. Ill fitting pieces are the worst! It usually results in the receiver having to go and trade it for a different size and sometimes style if the store is sold out. This is an unnecessary hassle that can be bypassed if you simply purchase the correct size. If you’re uncertain of the person’s size you have two options, ask them or buy them something unrelated to clothing.


When purchasing a gift you want to be sure you consider the receiver’s personal taste and lifestyle. If your friend’s goal is to try a new restaurant each week then a cookbook probably isn’t a good choice, but a gift card to restaurant that she hasn’t explored would be perfect! Consider the receiver’s interest, hobbies and profession to determine if your gift is something they’d actually be happy to receive.


It’s The Thought That Counts

One Christmas a family friend purchased her brother-in-law a nice pair of designer dress socks, which would have been okay except he didn’t have any legs! Luckily, he was  a good sport and laughed off the mix-up, but it highlighted the fact that she hadn’t put any thought into who she was purchasing the gift for. The idea that anything is better than nothing is null in void during holiday shopping. And that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. One of my favorite gifts to date is a handmade book that my siblings made with content ideas for the blog. I literally cried when I opened it because it was so thoughtful of me and my personal passions.

Good For You. Not Me.

I used to work at an outlet store of a luxury retailer, and would often help customers pick out gifts that they claimed they’d never wear since it wasn’t from the original store. Unless the receiver specifically asks, you never want to purchase something that is beneath your personal taste. It can be insulting to expect the receiver to appreciate something that you consider yourself to be too good for.

We all know the true meaning of Christmas doesn’t lie within a gift, but if you are going to give then you may as well make it count!


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