Lattes and Linkups: Brandy Gueary

Brandy Gueary is the beautiful brain behind the fashion blog Authentically B. Her posts are dedicated to showcasing her phenomenal personal style, hair inspiration, lifestyle and DIY projects. Her style is packed with color, bold prints, and practical statement pieces that can be incorporated into any woman’s wardrobe. This is all accompanied by her beautiful spirit that is easy to spot in her adorable Instastories

Even more impressive than her ability to mix bold prints is the fact that she consistently balances her role as a full time teacher, blogger, mom, and wife. Can you say #GirlBoss? Brandy has mastered the art of multitasking and I couldn’t wait to grab a latte and unlock her recipe for success. Brandy was more than happy to reveal the five traits she believes every #GirlBoss should possess. 


Be Fearless

To be a #GIRLBOSS you must be fearless. That means chasing your dreams when it seems impossible, doing that thing you’ve put off because it was hard, and being unstoppable in your mind before you ever step foot out into the world. 

Be Flexible

Being flexible allows you go with the flow. When things don’t go exactly as you plan, being flexible allows you to identify an opportunity in all situations.

Be Empathetic 

When you can understand the feelings, thoughts, and actions of others, it allows you to make decisions while considering your audience (customer). This in return will yield better results and help you reach your goals. 

Be Fun

You will enjoy life and all the bits and pieces in between if you can have fun and laugh at yourself from time to time. Be present in the moment and and just feel genuine joy!

Be a Leader

Having leadership skills is much more than just telling others what to do. Keeping goals in focus, delegating to the right people, as well as having several of your own goals to achieve is just the beginning. When you can master this, you are #GIRLBOSS!

For more gems and flawless photos follow Brandy’s blog or Instagram. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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