Shift Happens

I used to fear the words “you’ve changed”, because they indicate that a relationship in some way or another has shifted. The phrase is usually dished when we reject an invite to an engagement, are spotted with new acquaintances, or display a lack of interest in a once beloved person, place or thing.

 I would cringe at the phrase because I desperately wanted the people that I loved to know that I was unchanged. I wanted them to believe that I was still the same girl that loved all of the same things and people.  

The reality is my life is a constant rotation of amazing people, places and experiences. Each of them offering a new perspective and lesson regarding life. To ignore these teachings and remain in a static state would be a great disservice. So yeah, I guess I have changed.

I have learned to accept that change equates to growth, and growth can make our closest friends uncomfortable. Luckily, I no longer fear these words and I certainly don’t’ feel the need to apologize to the people who are offended by my lack of stagnation. It’s life, and we must all accept that sometimes shift happens.

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