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Floral, spice and everything nice bombarded the winter fashion shows as designers revealed the return of our favorite spring trends. I was elated to see collections full of ruffled sleeves, feminine details and fierce floral, but could not stomach the idea of paying those price points (We are talking thousands of dollars per garment).

Luckily, fast fashion leaders quickly took the hint and began creating similar looks for their retail stores. These fashion giants are experts at cleverly incorporating style components of the big wigs without completely duplicating designs. This makes it simpler for budgeting beauties to create luxurious looks for less.

The Story: It all started at H&M

I was in H&M glancing through a sales rack and found myself eyeing this colorful floral print plastered on top of an all-black background. I was initially unimpressed with the long nightgown-ish length of the dress, but quickly reevaluated my thoughts when I saw the $10.00 price tag.

I tried the dress on in the fitting room and yelled to my sister “I’m the 3rd Knowles sister!”, because we all know how much they love their Gucci. Let’s be real, the dress was far from Gucci but it had all of the basic components that I typically see in his deigns.

About a week later, I see a picture on Fashion Bomb Daily’s Instagram of Tamera Mowry in a dress that looks beyond similar to the one I purchased. I read the caption and to no surprise, discovered she was sporting a $5,100.00 Gucci dress.

I started showing all of my friends her picture and right after, I would proudly pull out my want to-be dress saying, “Isn’t it so similar!” They all agreed, some even said mine looked better. I like to believe that part is true.

The Lesson: You do not have to spend a fortune to look like you did.

Do Your Homework

Loads of style inspiration live on blog sites, fashion magazines and your favorite socialite’s Instagram. Browse these places for designs that speak to your personal style and try to understand the elements that make up these pieces. Maybe it’s the mock neck design of a dress or the trending blush hue that you’re seeing everywhere. No matter the component, make a conscious effort to note it. These elements will help you create a shopping plan that will serve as a blueprint for your shopping trip.

Similar Not Same

While fast fashion retailers specialize in creating similar looks, they just cannot match the quality, time and materials that go into the more deluxe brands. The last thing you want to do is buy the bootleg knockoff of a big designer. Shop for pieces with similar style components but do not purchase an identical replica.

Started From the Bottom

Once you have generated a shopping plan, it is time to hit the racks! It’s tempting to start your search at a store that you already know and love but that isn’t always the best option. Instead, begin your search at an affordable retailer and slowly work your way up. For example, if you understand that you want a sleek black pump, then your first stop would be Forever 21, then Aldo, next to Steve Madden and lastly Neiman Marcus. Slowly increasing price points ensures that you get the best price for your pre-selected item.

 Unfortunately this $10 gem is all sold out (We can thank Gucci for that), but I have found some other floral favorites that are on trend and in budget.

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