The arrival of Valentine’s Day welcomes the return of oversized bears, chocolate covered everything and those chalky sweetheart candies.

I never did care for the taste of those candies but they always remind me of the time I gave my elementary crush a box of them that had the message “U R A QT” plastered across the front. Accompanying the box of candies was the biggest card from my Barbie valentine set that read “Be Mine!” I doubt my mama knew about all this plotting, but I was determined to let my crush know that I wanted him to be my Valentine. It was not clear if he liked me back but rejection was a risk I was willing to take.

Somewhere between adolescence and adulthood our insecurities, fear of rejection and large egos prevent us from chasing after the individuals we want in our lives. Contrast to our emotions, we play games to find out if the person likes us before we fully commit to getting to know them.

I know people who are still waiting for a text from 2015, because they refuse to text someone first. But, why?

Why can’t you be the first to text? Why can’t you give them a call? Why can’t you text twice before they respond? Why isn’t it okay to let someone know you’re interested in 2017? 

We torture ourselves by putting on an “unbothered” mask and cry when they can’t see the person underneath it. I believe that inside of each us lives a desperate child waiting to tell that special someone just how amazing they are. Please hear me when I say, everybody is not worth the chase. However, if you’ve found someone that you believe could “be yours” all year round; then I challenge you to let down your guard and text them “U R A QT”.

It is Valentine’s Day and I am in L-O-V-E this velvet number from Silent Moon 180 Boutique! They are an online clothing store that specializes in taking an edgy approach on chic essentials. The quality, fit and flair of this dress is nothing short of amazing. Visit their website today for more stylish pieces!




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