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My friend has been making poor decisions, but I am afraid to talk to her about it because she does not believe that her choices are negatively affecting her. How do you tell the truth to a friend who is in denial?

God blessed each of us with five senses but he also blesses us with friends for the times we don’t use them. I just made that up, but it’s true. My friends refer to me as “Big Mama Chas” because I’ll be the first to throw out some unwarranted advice, much like a concerned mother. As much as I love providing counsel, I’m guilty of hurting friends who felt that I was “judging” them because of my belittling tone of voice.

Through that I’ve learned that people oftentimes will accept a message if you can alter the tone of the delivery. Do not use accusatory speech when approaching your friend. Be sure that your tone is a reflection of the sincere love and concern that you have for her situation. If she still cannot accept your advice then I would advise you to let her learn this lesson the hard way.

How do you put a blog together?

Contrary to popular belief, it is very simple to create and maintain a personal blog. Once you purchase a domain, server host and site template, you are all set. This website is perfect for helping anyone get a blog off the ground and running. The author was even kind enough to include videos for each step of the process. I highly recommend checking it out before starting your journey. Good luck girlfriend!

I have put on a few extra pounds since having my baby and to be honest I hate all of my new fluff. I don’t feel beautiful and I look sloppy in everything that I put on. Help!

I can totally relate. When I graduated from college, I took a corporate job making good money and started eating like a boss! I don’t think 6 months passed before my “fluff” found its way to every inch of my body. I was 30 pounds heavier, mildly depressed, and completely confused on how to dress my new figure.

The first thing that you have to understand is that your body isn’t “sloppy” it is simply different than you’re used to seeing it. Luckily, these newfound differences come with a new wardrobe. Don’t stress about fitting into your pre-pregnancy pieces, this will only upset you. Instead, direct your focus on finding clothes that compliment your new frame. Looking better will help you feel better about where you are as you work towards where you want to be.

Don’t be discouraged. Stick to a clean diet, crush your workouts and you’ll start seeing changes in no time.

What are your top three stores when you want to keep it cheap and cute?

Zara – If sophistication and style had a baby, its name would be Zara. They specialize in solid colored pieces with unique cuts and features.

H&M – This is where all of the grownups went when we outgrew Forever 21. You won’t like everything in the store but you’ll always find at least one thing that speaks to your inner diva.

Target – I literally stay across the street from a Target that I walk to daily. They seem to focus on timeless cuts and lasting fabrics, which is essential for maximizing your wardrobe.  I’m especially in love with their Who What Wear collection.

I want to start meal prepping, to not only eat healthier but also save money. Do you have any go to recipe’s or favorite cookbooks?

If you follow me on snap then you may have noticed my recent increase of one pan recipes. I love them because you put all of your protein and veggies on one pan and pop it into the oven. They are super affordable, delicious, and simple to make. I have linked some of my favorites below.

One Pan Salmon Steaks with Asparagus and Almond – Red Pepper Sauce

One Pan Baked Chicken

One Pan Pasta and Meatballs (This one is not as healthy but it is yummy)

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