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When is enough, enough? I have been dating a guy for 6 years and still don’t have the commitment I want. What should I do?

With 6 years under your belt I’m assuming that you’ve encountered highs, lows and everything in between with this guy. You’re likely in love and can’t see yourself with anyone else. If my assumptions are correct and your guy refuses to step up and commit his love to you; then it may be the time to reevaluate this relationship.

Now if we’re talking about an engagement, that is an entirely different story. Kasee and I dated for 7 years before he proposed. That seems like a long time for most people, but we were in college for the first 4 years and have spent the last 3 focusing on our professional moves. After 6 years of dating we simply weren’t ready to be married. If you’ve found an amazing man that loves you, but has some things he’d like to prepare before fully committing his love then he may be worth the wait.

I would like to tap into my personal style and create more fashionable looks, but I need help. What advice would you give to the everyday girl that can’t seem to acquire that eye for a quick-put-together outfit?

I understand that styling can be an overwhelming process, but I also believe that it is an art that you can certainly master with practice. If you’re uncomfortable with styling, then it’s extremely difficult to pull a “quick-put-together” look in a short amount of time. Avoid last minute mall runs and schedule a personal shopping day for yourself. Spend a few hours browsing racks, trying on outfits and deciding which pieces speak to your personal style. Removing the pressure of having to find something immediately allows you time to search for better pieces oftentimes at better prices.

If you’re in a hurry bring along a fashionable friend or ask a sales rep for some styling assistance. Stores like Neiman Marcus provide free personal shopping services. You provide information about your personal style and budget, and they work their styling magic. Take this opportunity to ask questions and understand why they are pairing certain pieces together. Styling sessions with your friends or personal shopper will slowly provide you the tools and empowerment you need to shop alone.

How are you running the relationship marathon in addition to having your own life and goals?

First off, if you’re forced to choose between your goals and your guy, just let it go.

My relationship motto is “You. Me. We” because I believe in a strong balance of both love and life. I’ve been in relationships where the guy tried to make loving him my entire life, and I’m just not that kind of girl. I’ve always been a goal-driven, hardworking, busy body and decided early on that any man that I dated was going to have to accept that about me. It’s extremely important to find a partner that supports and encourages you to pursue your dreams. Kasee takes my pictures for the blog, motivates me when I’m stressed about work, and encourages me when I’m feeling defeated. It’s easy to love someone that is working, praying and pushing for your goals as hard as you are.

 What are you top three pieces of advice for someone that is considering going to grad school while working full time? What is the best way to balance it all?

Working a full time job while attending graduate school can be challenging, but it’s definitely not impossible. Here are a few things that got me through the process.

  1. Remember why you started and don’t quit. Maybe a 2nd degree will land you a new promotion at work or maybe you’re seeking experience in a new field. No matter your reason, remember it and use it as motivation to power through.
  2. Find your support. You’ll face wearisome days where you’ll ask yourself “Do I really need this degree?” and your support system will be there to answer with a resounding “Yes!”.
  3. Time Management. You have to be wise with the limited time that you have after work. Create an after work schedule, but most importantly stick to it.

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