I recently had a close friend say “I wish I had the life of [Popular Instagram Model] it looks so dope”, and I had to agree. The flashy clothes, perfect body, nice home, car and jewelry looked like the dope life all girls deserve. Not a week later we came to find the girl’s life was all but true and most of the things we lusted she didn’t even own! We fall victim of this type of thing daily. Read More

Two Piece Special

When it comes to fashion some garments are designed for the advance, while others are created with the fashionably challenged in mind. Luckily, Coordinating Sets caters to us all! These sets remove the guessing element from styling and ensures that you not only match, but slay. Read More

Denim on Denim

There’s not a soul that can’t pull off a denim on denim look. It’s second only to an all-white ensemble, in terms of cleanness. Why? The Fit.

Unlike most garments denim is typically made with a particular fit in mind. Making it simple to possess a tailored look. To accomplish this there are 3 easy steps to follow. Read More

Bae Watch

Maybe it was the bold red hue, the clever play on words or the high cut design that attracted me to this one-piece. Whatever the reason, after reviewing these photos of myself propped up on a lifeguard stand, pretending to be on the lookout for Bae. It dawned on me. Read More

Red, White, and Blue

I’m one of those weirdos that has to buy a new outfit with each coming holiday. I don’t even have to have plans, and I’ll buy an outfit. Most of the time I make plans only after I know what I’ll be wearing. Like “That sounds fun, but I can’t do the park this year, I bought a cute dress to wear for the 4th! Read More