Pretty Priced Purses

If I could get paid for the number of times I’ve lusted over an Instagram Model’s designer bag I could retire. It’s something about the quality, personality and design of these bags that makes them feel irresistible. While I’d love to buy them all it is simply a habit that I can’t afford. I’ve learned that to maximize my wardrobe I must find ways to incorporate inexpensive purses that satisfy my taste and budget. When selecting an affordable bag there are 3 things that you need to focus on. Read More

4 Reasons Your Clothes Don’t Look Good On You

Spring Dress Too often I’d find myself staring in the mirror; head cocked to the side trying to figure out why my outfit didn’t look the way I imagined it in my head? This made the styling process long, stressful and unproductive. After several disappointments I realized four recurring reasons for these fashions fails. Read More

Black & White

Black & White Black and White is a classic color duo that harmoniously complements the person wearing them. The natural contrast of the two hues effortlessly serve up a clean, refined and refreshing composition. While each color is perfect alone, the dynamic power of the two is simply unmatched.
There’s honestly not an outfit in the world that can look bad with these two colors.Don’t believe me? Try it. Read More