Keep it Profashional

IMG_1124Let’s face it, as a corporate killer your weekly wardrobe consist of trousers, skirts, button ups, pumps, blazers, repeat. When you’re a working woman enduring a 9-5 it can be difficult to fit your personal style into your daily wardrobe. Wearing the same boring clothes everyday can easily become boring as you find yourself blending with the same monotonous tune of the office. I have a few ideas that you can incorporate to keep your office style both Professional and Fashionable, Profashional!

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Making A Statement

IMG_1064.JPGWearing statement pieces is a simple way to express your personal style and attitude. These garments secretly expose your inner views and consciously let people into your crazy world. Every girl deserves a few statement pieces in her wardrobe, but it can be tricky picking the right ones. Something that may serve as statement piece for your friend can appear an understatement for you. I’ve come up with 4 questions you need to ask yourself before buying your next bold fashion staple.

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Mad for Maroon


Mad For Maroon Maroon is one of those colors that you rarely think to wear but are always happy when you do. The deep tone has a subtle intensity that pulls outfits together for a simple slay. I decided to pair this beautiful Bad Blood Sweater from The Stylish Orchid with some maroon pants from H&M.  This Monochromatic duo is perfect for the office and easily transitions to after work activities. It doesn’t get any better than maroon multipurpose pieces. Read More

Vision Board Party

IMG_4366The New Year has a way of making people revaluate their life, set new goals and create a plan to achieve them. Like most people I always fall victim to the resolution trend, and forget what my goals are half way through January. I decided that I wanted to really make some changes this year and threw my first Vision Board Party. Read More