Fringe with Benefits : How to Wear Fringe This Fall

IMG_9752You can’t speak of fall fashion without the mention of fringe. Literally everywhere you turn they’ve thrown it onto something new and while this fall favorite can spice up an outfit; you can easily begin to feel like [Chewbacca] with fringe overload!

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Risky Birthday Behavior

Risky Birthday BehaviorI’ve always taken calculated risks. You know the kind of risk that can hardly be considered a risk because you practically know the outcome? Yeah, those are my type. But what 25 years have taught me is that true success comes at the price of a risk. For so long I’ve tried to buy my dreams with time, commitment, persistence, talent, craft, and wits. Then along came the day when those things were no longer enough and a risk was required. Read More

Sold On Solids

Sold on Solids

Wearing one color from head to toe is the simplest way to recreate expensive looks for less. Monochromatic outfits can create nice, clean, long lines that deliver a poise that patterned pieces just can’t match (no pun intended). Read More